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Langtons Junior Academy Curriculum Intent

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


At Langtons Junior Academy staff have worked collaboratively to develop a bespoke curriculum which will develop passionate, resilient, lifelong learners with a desire and thirst for knowledge.  Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are equipped with the skills to ensure they are prepared for their future.  Using the National Curriculum, we have created a carefully sequenced curriculum with units that allow children to build on their learning, progressively acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage of the education.

Our units of study are linked to a core text (fiction book) and include a hook day to engage and motivate the pupils, meaningful activities and real-life context are built into the curriculum encouraging the children to consider their purpose and audience. 

Our curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced so that children master skills in English, maths and all curriculum subjects.  Lessons are planned to provide challenge for all pupils so they can fully develop their skills and knowledge have a deep understanding.  Through a range of opportunities, including P4C and topic debates, the children develop the vocabulary and skills to articulate and explain their understanding.

The REAch2 initiative of 11B411 is embedded within the curriculum as part of the enrichment activities that the children experience.  These along with planned hook days, visitors and visits enrich the curriculum further and provide the children with opportunities to develop cultural capital.


At Langtons Junior Academy our curriculum is driven by these key principles:

  • Engagement in learning – hook, awe and wonder
  • Core texts at the heart of every unit (book-based curriculum)
  • Real-life contexts and meaning full activities (purpose and audience)
  • A curriculum linked to the local context which challenges local issues and attitudes
  • Opportunities for vocabulary development
  • Independent and autonomous learners
  • Leadership – preparing for the future
  • Cultural capital and community
  • Enterprise and collaboration
  • Healthy living – mental health, well-being and physical health
  • Every child achieving in every subject
  • Every child developing their character and experiencing a wide range of opportunities

Book-Based Curriculum Core Texts