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The Curriculum at Langtons


Langtons Junior Academy provides a secure, caring, challenging and stimulating environment. This offers every pupil the opportunity to progress with an informed and positive view of the contribution they can make towards their own education, the community in which they live and society in general.

Pupils follow a topic based curriculum which incorporates all statutory National Curriculum subjects. The school may deliver some aspects of the curriculum daily, weekly, termly or through specific intensive “themed” weeks e.g. Science Week, Arts Week.


Within the school's commitment to making the whole curriculum as relevant to the pupils as possible, links are made between subjects through a thematic approach. Parts of the Numeracy and Literacy requirements are taught as discrete subjects and link to the class topic where appropriate. Reading, Phonics and Spelling strategies are also taught as discrete subjects across the school.

The curriculum is further enhanced by the use of trips, workshops and visitors into the school. A wide range of teaching and learning methods are used to produce a creative and inspiring curriculum. We use the outdoor environment and local community as much as possible to make learning meaningful and fun.


We keep parents informed about the curriculum through:

  • Termly curriculum overviews

  • Information within newsletters
  • Regular tweets
  • Invitations into school


We ensure that all pupils have access to the curriculum at an appropriate level regardless of gender, ability, special needs and ethnicity. This balanced and inclusive curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of future life.