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Year 3

George S (3H) - Science/Art
George S (3H) - Science Work
Rosie H (3OW) and William H (6D) - VE Day Art
Sonny G (3H) - Art
Jack B (3H) - Time Capsule
Shaan S (3OW) - Science
Sonny G (3H) - Science Work
Sonny J (3OW) - Art
Lily-Jane B (3OW) - Maths Work
Jack B (3H)
Shaan S (3OW)
Jack H (3H) - Art 2
Jack H (3H) - Art 1
Lewis K (3H) - English
Shaan S (3OW) - Maths
Rosie H (3OW)
Shaan S (3OW) - Science
Lily-Jane B (3OW) - Cooking
Jack B (3H) - English
Jayden F (3OW)
George S (3H) - Story Part 1
George S (3H) - Story Part 2
Jack B (3H) - Topic
Shaan S (3OW) - Maths
Lewis K (3H) - The Truth About Trolls
Shaan S (3OW) - The Truth About Trolls Drawing
Lily J (3H) - Tobago Report
George S (3H) - Poems