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Meet the Governors

Governance at Langtons Junior Academy has been delegated by the REAch2 Trust Board to a Local Governing Board made up of individuals drawn from the Academy’s community, both as elected and appointed members. The Local Governors are accountable to the Regional Board and through this body to the Trust Board.


The role of the Local Governing Board is to:

  • Assist in delivering the vision and ethos of REAch2 for the Academy.

  • Ensure that the Academy achieves the aims and ambitions it has for its pupils.

  • Implement and review the strategic plan for the Academy, especially plans for school improvement.

  • Act as a “critical friend” to the Academy’s Senior Leadership Team, challenging and holding leaders to account for all aspects of the Academy’s performance;

  • Oversee the management of the finances of the Academy, assessing the annual budget and ensuring that the Academy works within its budget and has the right risk and financial management policies and practices;

  • Support the Trust Board in ensuring that the right insurance and risk protection is in place for the Academy

  • Support the Executive Headteacher and Head of School in the development and review (from time to time) of an appropriate staffing structure for the Academy, including performance management;

  • Support the Trust Board in its monitoring and evaluation of the delivery of central services provided by REAch2 for the Academies

  • Promote the benefits of being in a family of schools by actively seeking opportunities to work together, and develop effective links with other REAch2 Academies and the wider school community

  • Ensure that the Academy meets the community’s needs in relation to the safeguarding and education of its pupils; and

  • Engage fully and openly with every inspection of the Academy, whether by the Trust Board, Ofsted or any other appropriate public body

At Langtons Junior Academy we welcome the involvement of and feedback from parents/carers and the local community. Governors regularly attend events at the school and are always happy to hear the views of the schools community. Full details including attendance at meetings of our Governors can be found below.

For more information about governance please refer to the governance section of the REAch2 website: or contact Mr Stuart Norman, Chair of Governors via the School Office.


Governor Details, Register of Interests and Attendance Record