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STAR: Sustainable Travel: Active Responsible Safe

As a school we recognise the importance of healthy, sustainable travel both now and in the future. The benefits of this are not just for the pupils and staff of our school, but for the local community and area as well. By encouraging more use of these travel methods, we can help improve health for future generations and reduce the impact of pollution caused by our travel choices, on our planet.

Our school keywords are: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience.


We believe our travel plan shows :


RESPECT - for ourselves by encouraging healthy travel choices

RESPONSIBILITY - for the wider community by promoting travel choices that have a better outcome for our planet

RESILIENCE - by encouraging all members of our school community to persevere in their better travel choices, even though sometimes it might be difficult for example; we might need to learn a new skill, such as riding a bicycle.


We recognise that as a school we need to continue to develop new opportunities to encourage all members of our community to make better travel choices. To that end, we intend to introduce new initiatives, such as a Bike Club, run by staff. We also hope to work closely with Langtons Infant School, to deliver a joint, co-ordinated message about safer and more sustainable travel, to all students, parents and staff at both schools.